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Post  Admin on Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:13 am

Alright there's a guide for the other classes but none for us. So although I suspect we all know what we're doing... I did see Rawrda floundering around with shroud of turin and bless... so I'll get down to cases here.

Contents of the following Post(s)
-My analysis of our skills + tips on use/effects
-Effects of Stats
-Threat/Aggro/Hate and how we and our skills fit into it all.
-Our Gear
-Recommended Builds/Generic Builds/Skeletal Frames for Builds.

Just to clarify following, skill ratings go in this order:
F --> E --> D --> C --> B --> A --> S --> S+

F being completely fail.
E being pretty darn close to completely fail.
D being bare minimal just about failing
C being Passing grade, Average skill.
B being overall fair and effective.
A being Dependable, Good and Solid.
S being Great, Exceptional
S+ being godly.

Cleric Guide Cleric_base_skill_purifyPurify
Skill Rating: A
Couple Notes about purify although you should probably already have guessed most of them.
Cancels one Harmful Curse.(Ie. Red outline Debuffs. Not Purple ones, those cannot be removed even by revelation)

Tier 1 Skills

Cleric Guide Cle-01[size=110]Holy Arrow
Skill Rating: C
Recommended Points: 1
This skill is our main damage up until 27 when we obtain lol-temp, the skill that AoE Smashes mobs for us as we grind our fragile clothy selves to higher levels.

Personally feel that it is left at rank 1 once you get tempest. With high amounts of magic atk, it becomes a fair spell to use when you're conserving mana/oom** and can generally(not always) do more dmg than whacking 1 mob even with occasional interrupts.(this is not true with 3-4 mobs interrupting you unfortunately)

**note oom stands for - out of mana. All you pallies keep it in mind because I tend to use it a lot in dungeons when I need you to stop and wait.

Cleric Guide Cle-02 [size=130]Cure[/size] ---> note this section is also like a demi-guide about partying and dungeon mechanics and healing in general.
Skill Rating: S
Recommended Points: 1+
This skill is our first heal, and one of our fastest.

Personally I'm a huge advocate of cure. I love that it's fast, and generally cheap to cast, even at higher ranks, as well it receives 50% of your +heal stats.

A lot of people will pre-judge me for saying this, but I was an ex-t6 WoW-Raiding Priest That cleaned up Black Temple during Burning Crusade both as a main-healer and after it was on farm as a dps. And I don't really care if you judge me badly because you'll have made a mistake. I've since quit WoW, but I still have all the skills and knowledge that came with raid healing for quite a number of years. and I can say this.


Sometimes your first instincts when your tank drops below 50% hp suddenly is to reach for revelation.

however if he spiked down to 50% or lower, it's possible and likely, he might get spiked down the other 50% WHILE You are casting revelation.

If this happens you may think it is not really your fault, but if it does, your party likely wipes. [size=115]
The line that separates exceptional clerics, and bad/mediocre clerics is right here.[/size]

If you can keep your tank alive through the spiking damages long enough for the dps classes(damage per second) to react and Stun/Silence/Immobilize-kite/crowdcontrol(CC)

---> which they are likely doing if they're any good at partying(which means they're watching pally health too)

Your party will live, and continue through the dungeon, probably barely making note of the fact that they almost wiped if not for your elite skills.

Cure is the skill that can, and will do that for you. After you cast intervent/Aika's Grace, if they are not on cooldown, the fastest heal you have is cure.

I recommend having this skill at higher ranks while you're working your way up to 6000+ cure casts, and it's still probably worth having at high ranks even after that. And if not then this spell is at least a MUST have at rank 1 at least.

Once you're getting 10 000+ cure casts you probably don't need cure at a high rank. 1500 on a cure cast isn't going all that much for you, and then there is the rank 1 cure's mana cost(so you can have unbelievable pre-emptive heals going at all times).

Cleric Guide Cle-03
[size=120]Angelic Armor[/size]--> referred to as AA
Skill Rating: A
Recommended Points: 12+

This skill is incredibly useful. Some of you may think you can graduate from this skill as you get higher in levels.

You're wrong. In all aspects of Aika, PvP, Leveling, Solo-grinding, PvE-Dungeons, Angelic armor will be something to add to your repertoire of skills that help/save you. It also reduces AoE physical damage by 25% while active, and at higher ranks the cooldown decreases making it more spammable.

Whether you cast it on your tank and use it for a buffer before the pulls, or cast it on yourself to deal with the inevitable occasional "you-took-a-mob-from-the-pally"(from whatever the cause; provoke miss, too-early-heal, bad-threat-generator-pally), AA will be the skill that lets you keep on pumping out those heals without interrupts from physical hits, or it will be the skill that can save your pally when you really need those instant casts at his; 20%hp-I'm-dying-do-something-fast-even-though-intervent&Grace-are-cooling.

Downside to this spell is that it doesn't receive any effect from damage reduction, and it costs a very large amount of mana to cast. It isn't efficient to cast by any means, but it is still quite useful. Combines very very well with mana cost reductions(air pran, holy mana set), as it is one of your most expensive spells and therefore means you save the most mana on this skill with reductions. Note that it does NOT reduce damage from magic. Another weakness of the spell.

It also generates an absurd amount of threat/hate/aggro from mobs. I haven't figured out the threat system in this game completely, but my guess is it generates one point of threat for every point you shield.
As you approach mid and early 30-40s you'll notice you don't need it as much, but as you get into mid-late 50s you'll find you start needing it a lot again.

Cleric Guide Cle-04Bless & Mass Bless
Skill Rating: D
Recommended Points: 0

This skill is something only early clerics tend to spec.

My personal opinion of it is that one MIGHT spec it as a pvp skill/raid skill(assuming all the other clerics have the important buffs). Other than that it is doubtful you should spec it since an average 10 matk:6patk/point is really rather pathetic for a whole skill point.

Full support clerics might buy into this mass bless thing... but 16 points is just too heavy for me to swalllow.
With level 70 being the cap at this time, You only get 89 points right now. Nearly 1/5th for something that most players hardly notice. There's a lot of troll-debate about this being support cleric material. Most of it is generally unfounded and fallacious.
If you have way past epic gear and bonus healing this might become an option. But there is still far too many other superior options for specs on improving party damage that this still seems to be a fair waste of points.
Players on the forums also seem to mention that this skill doesn't have any effect when compared to the town buff.
Jury is still out on that one.

Cleric Guide Cle-05[size=120]Rejuvenate[/size]
Recommended Points: 1-Max
Skill Rating: A
This is also a very very useful skill. Although it only lasts 10 seconds; it is our only spammable HoT spell.(healing over time)

I recommend having this skill at least at rank 1 and recommended at higher ranks. If you get to the point of having thousands and thousands of +heal this spell instantly becomes godly.

It heals 2 times on it's first couple ticks, and then every 2 seconds until it wears off. Quite invaluable.

Something you will want to keep on your tank even if he is at full health so you can grant yourself some extra room for spike damages, or room to mana regen while he takes small intermittent damages.

This is also a great skill for leveling solo, as you may not always have AA(Angelic Armor) last long enough to be casted continuously, or you may not have enough mana to keep casting AA efficiently.

Just really wish it lasted longer, and didn't have a 2 second cooldown time like it does.

Cleric Guide Cle-06Resurrect
Skill Rating: B
Recommended Points: 5-10
At 70, all clerics are expected to have this skill maxed or at least very very close, and asap at least to 5-6.

The only skill of it's type. Nuff said.

Even players that PvP spec this to its full.

If you don't plan to party/group whatsoever you could theoretically skip this skill.
Rank 1 will NOT cut it for parties and groups.

When you have people die in a dungeon, probability says, you're in the process of wiping and more than one person will die meaning the cooldown on your rez will cause people to be warped out before you rez them. In Hell dungeons, this is fatal, as recalls DO NOT WORK IN Hell.

From personal experience, times when I have escaped death by running and resetting mobs, I usually get back about 20-30 seconds after the first person has died. And res'ing them first, and then in order, at rank 5 I can maybe bring 2-3 people up. No more than that unless I get very very lucky. Considering that rank 5 is insufficient, 6-10 is definitely a must, but for lower levels when you're still working on 1 point per level getting max or high rez will slow down your leveling a lot so 5 is the bare minimum.

Not only the above, but The First Person you'll res is gonna be the pally, and less than 50% hp means he'll come back up and die all over again. And you just wasted a 5 second cast, which could have been several cures or revelations on your secondary tank.

If you really think about it though, a 5 second cast to get a pally back up to full means you just restored anywhere from 6k-25k health/mana with a 5 second cast(depending on their health).
That's a darn pretty worthwhile 5 seconds.

Tier 2 Skills

Cleric Guide Cle-07Haste & Mass Haste
Skill Rating: B
Recommended Points: 0, 1 or 10
Although I personally still believe this is a solo/pvp skill more than anything, a lot of the playerbase on osty in the mid 40 range will consider it a pve skill as they tend to skip the trash in a part of the lost mines dungeon.

It also helps the dps classes quite a bit as they are able to move around from mob to mob faster and they dps better.

I'm of two minds of this skill, although others will argue one way or the other.

I find it useful when solo, and it's only 10 points, which could be worked into your build for some good hybrid-work.

Note: that the pvp server's town buff and this skill DO NOT STACK. Only the stronger of the two will be effective. So if your party has the town buff and your haste is Rank 6+ and they have 10-12 buffs you should ask them to remove their town buff. Why? because you can only have 12 buffs on your character at once. That's right, meaning intervent, aika's grace, AA, rejuv, and other useful spells will slide right off the buff capped idiot.

Cleric Guide Cle-08Holy Signet
Skill Rating: B
Recommended Points: 0, or 1

This skill adds our undead/demon status to a mob while doing a little damage over time. Meaning we can do 50% more damage with our only real attack skills for the 12 seconds it is active(couple more seconds with +duration relic). The status effect Does not work against players. Since player types cannot be changed, but the DoT effect DOES work.(DoT = Damage over time)

Rank 1 recommended. Works well in pve combined with Archangel's Light. -->10%+ damage to your entire party for 2 skill points.

You don't have to have it, but it IS useful. And necessary for the leveling process to say the least.

My solo-nopartying-build has this skill maxed. I enjoy lol-DoT'ing my mobs to say the least. It is extra AoE damage after all. And that's all that really matters when leveling. Don't max it if you like grouping. It will cripple your build.

Cleric Guide Cle-09[size=130]Exalt[/size]
Skill Rating: S
MUST HAVE SKILL - All builds MUST HAVE Rank 1+

10% less mana per healing spell cast on the first skill point.

Pretty dang godly. Even glossing over the 30 bonus heals, that's a lot of mana you can save as you go along. Yes this spell affects rejuv, intervent, etc etc. Not AA however.

Cleric Guide Cle-10Shroud of Turin
Skill Rating: F
Recommended Points - 0

You'll notice I put no underline on this skill. yea. I really don't think much of clerics that spec this.
Sadly Its mana cost deduction affects our buffs only, and not AA, not intervent, not aika's grace, nothing of use. 2 minutes extra on your buffs doesn't really do much, and if you're so lazy that you are willing to sacrifice the points, which could go to extra skills of actual use, to get a longer buff...

PvP-raid wise a lot of clerics get attention from newb other classes for having this maxed. Whether that's a good thing or not, I can't say. I tend to like my Cleric to be not a gimp.

Cleric Guide Cle-11Healing Corona
Skill Rating: E
Recommended Points : 0
This is something I've never spec'd, but some clerics can make it work apparently.

The drawbacks to the skill is the small range is actually really small, and the healing is 3 seconds a cast, although it receives a very nice 80% of your +healing stats, this skill is very very very limited.

You'll find it's absolutely useless on bosses that have long range AoEs forcing you and your party far from the tank, and the long cast time makes it virtually unsafe to use when the party is engaging anything dangerous enough to kill someone. Which is the only times we should concern ourselves with.

Some Clerics rank 1 this skill to decrease downtime in between pulls.

I don't.

Cleric Guide Cle-12Holy Tempest --> I call this Lol-temp
Skill Rating: A
Recommended Points : 1+

We get this skill at 27. And it pretty much replaces holy arrow.

AoEs our mobs, receives full effect from mag atk. I don't really need to go over it. If one doesn't know about this skill and have their own opinions one needs to find a necromancer because one would almost have to be a brain dead zombie not to have any perceptions about this skill.

Cleric Guide Cle-13Rapture
Skill Rating: C
Recommended points: 0, 1, 6, or maximum.

mana regen on a 3 minute cooldown.

There's quite a bit of debate on this one. It is a wonderfully useful skill as you get into killing silver crown mobs when leveling.

The main thrust of the argument is that at a 3 minute cooldown this skill doesn't really lend much to party use, and to your general healing capacity if you know what you're doing with mana pots.

Other side is that clerics aren't always all about healing. As a support skill, this skill assists dps who are running out of mana and, supportively, it's supposed to be god.

Personally when points are getting tight, this skill is probably best left at rank 0, 1, 6 or max

you'll notice rank 5 to rank 6 is a rather large leap. I think aika team made a mistake there.

Personally I love mana regen, especially AoE mana regen, and it's really rather neat. But it's also a skill that has no problem being skipped, as mana potions are on a 4-5 second cooldown in this game. expensive as it may be, it's still the truth. This skill can easily be replaced with mana potions, if you are looking to be the Best Cleric you can be, you don't need this skill, and neither does your party. I still think it's a neat idea, and very fun and good for ppl like me, being a pauper cleric.

Incidentally this spell can also generate a very large amount of aggro/threat/hate at early levels if it hits enough people. Be careful with it.

Cleric Guide Cle-14Holy Intervention --> referred to this as "Intervent" above multiple times.
Skill Rating: S
MUST HAVE SKILL - Recommended Points: 1+
This skill is my emergency heal, and I love it.
20 second cooldown is a bit of a pain, but it heals automatically once the target drops below 50% health. That's pretty darn useful. I don't need to explain its value towards spike damage.

Solo-wise it might replace part of AA as you get going on high hp too, but I haven't found it so yet. Especially since Lol-temp can be interrupted, even being instant cast.

It's a very flexible spell, can be used as a primary buff for spike damage room, or as a hefty instant cure. I try to do both with it as often as possible. Drawback is that you need to be below 50% for it to activate, and there is considerable potential to go from 50%-->dead in one hit in pvp and even in pve.. *shudders remembering Aviary Final Boss*

Still this spell is a veritable trump card. And a must have.

Also a couple of tips about threat and this spell:
-When it goes off as a buff(ie. pre-casted) the threat goes towards the recipient, and not you!(unless you ARE the recipient)
-However when one casts it as an instant heal spell, the threat does go towards you.

Cleric Guide Cle-15Desperate Prayer
Skill Rating: B
Recommended Points: 0, or 1
This spell is something of a double edged sword.

on the one hand, it can save your life. On the other hand, it can cost you someone else's life, or make you vulnerable as soon as you get out of it.

While you are inside the Desperate Prayer you can't cast or attack.(you can use potions however, that's something at least)

Used properly this spell can give you quite a bit of an advantage. The invincibility can buy you time to get away, dodge a big casted hit in pvp, or give the pally time to provoke/challenge the mob attacking you.

drawbacks include the long cooldown, which doesn't get noticeably shorter....(caps off at 2 minutes at higher ranks it seems), and since it's incredibly visible, any good pvp player that knows what they're doing will simply cancel and time an attack to when you come out.
Higher ranks give up to 5 seconds(72 once it's available will give 6 seconds) but I don't really think it's worth all the mana and skill points to bring it up even for high end pvp.

Cleric Guide Cle-16Penance
Skill Rating: A
Recommended Points: 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9
Penance is most definitely a pvp skill. Removing buffs from enemies while doing damage is pretty freaking uber. Best kept at odd numbered ranks so you can remove more buffs.

Removing haste from an enemy while keeping it on yourself means you'll probably never die since you can always run faster than your enemy.

But I'm not the best person to ask about Cleric pvp on Aika. You'll notice the tone of this thread is at leat 60% focused on pve aspects.

Still, if you plan to pvp at all, or give yourself something of a fight/flight chance while leveling. This skill is great.

Cleric Guide Cle-17Archangel's Light
Skill Rating: B
Recommended Points: 0, 1, or Max

A buff that Adds 10% damage to undead and demons.

This skill works very well with signet. Doesn't work against players though.

It's pretty much a bless replacement if you think about it. Well worth at least one point in pve. And worth a lot more solo. Extra damage is extra damage.

Not recommended in pvp. Especially if you think about penance.

Cleric Guide Cle-18Revelation
Skill Rating: S
MUST HAVE SKILL - Recommended Points: 1+
This is a really great skill for clerics.

removing debuffs, and being a very big heal at the same time.

Receives 65% of our +healing stat, and it is a 2 second cast, with 3 second cooldown(an annoying thing the aika team added to make our lives miserable... like wtf seriously?).

This is something very worth getting as it can save you time purifying. While slower to heal than cure, it is a bigger heal, and if you are one of those people that just HAS to squeeze out more points to grinding/solo... it can somewhat replace your cure. I can't believe I just said that.

Well regardless it's true. The spell has a lot of utility and many situations where it is simply a better choice to use.
Those who are very skilled at cancelling casts can also make great use of this in pre-emptive healing. Cast it early, and if the pally is still full, move before it casts to interrupt it. If he takes damage, let it go through.

However it is also very easy to waste mana and time overhealing a target with this spell. Especially since aika doesn't allow you to see anyone's actual health numbers. It also costs quite a bit more than cure does. So watch your mana expenditures when using this spell.

Some clerics say you should pick one main heal and spec that way. As a heal/support cleric I don't find this is true. Certainly you may end up spending more points, but if you put a cleric with max cure and max revelation beside one with 1 point cure and max revelation, you won't find too much difference, it depends on the player themselves, and the one with max cure simply has more tools at their disposal for keeping people alive.

Having been a cleric put in a party/raid with other clerics, I find I definitely under-heal the other clerics in cures vs revelations. I simply cast faster, and heal the target before they do, and in the end they may end up cancelling or wasting their heal on a target I've healed to full by casting cure twice. It doesn't mean I'm better or they're worse, but different tools result in different results. Simple as that.
You can play to a style and pick a spec to that style.
The arguments for revelation are exactly that. Arguments of style.

Main healing with this spell on pre-emptives or cures, in particular is something you probably need to experiment with to find out on your own. Which way do you work best? Do you need both?

Tier 4 Skills

Cleric Guide Cle-19Archangel's Blade--> abbrev. AB
Skill Rating: A
Recommended Points: 1+
+10% critical effect and +crit rate on the first point.

Yes cures and revelations can crit. Yes this spell affects both of those.

PvE-group wise it has a fairly unpredictable value towards your own healing. Crit heals are great... if you get them when you need them. Personally I always cast this on myself and the DPS if I can get them to stop long enough to let me buff them...

As a buff it is definitely of great value. Especially as many dps classes will eventually find almost ALL of their attacks are critting. If you are looking for a support spell, this one trumps a lot of other options I could mention.*ahem* bless *ahem*

PvP well.. you don't even need to think about it. Crit = dead enemies. Simple. At least several fundamentals in PvP has almost always depended on crit if you think about it.

PoC cost is as always a pain in the butt though. 6 people in the party, you could go through 18 PoC every 10 minutes for 4 hours if you're doing KAN/KAH/KAE. Simple math means 432 pieces... yowch!

Caelium Extract is definitely a must if you plan on playing a CL.

Cleric Guide Cle-20Iron Will
Skill Rating: A
MUST HAVE SKILL - Recommended Points: Max
Stun and shock resistance. You might not think you need this for pve, but you really do need it.

Even solo a LOT more enemies at 50+ start stunning and shocking than you may realize.
Even the low percentile effect is still better than nothing, as it lets you occasionally pump out heals/purifies on the stunned people.(yea that works ya know, purify the stunned ppl and they're free!)

And a great number of bosses stun and shock in large Areas that, you as a cleric, may not always have the option of being outside of.

*Shudders as he remember KAN trash and last boss again, and occasional bad pulls of Vormican and trash in Zant Hell*

PvP value you don't even need to think about. This one is a given. Even at low percentile effect.

Cleric Guide Cle-21Aika's Grace
Skill Rating: S+
MUST HAVE SKILL - Recommended Points: 1-MAX

This is our OMFG-WE ARE SO OP spell.

I don't even need to explain this. EVERYONE wants it. Choice between one point or max is a personal preference. 120 second cooldown and not getting shorter anytime soon. But at rank 3 you get 6 seconds invincibility instead of 5. So, once again, personal preference.

Cleric Guide Cle-22Holy Shield
Skill Rating: B
Recommended Points: 1+
This spell is a bit of an interesting thing for us.
Clerics have waited a long time for a shield against magic. But then we're given this...

Long cooldown, party wide. But here's the kicker, you probably can't cast it in pve combat unless you want to light up like a lighthouse.

Why? Instant aggro pull.

Some clerics have posted in the forums that they can use this intentionally to reset mobs. Personally I think that's a great idea. It also works well to cast it before bosses with magic on your whole party.

However since it has such a long cooldown the ideal for this skill is only 1 point. Or so the forums say. I tend to agree with that. 2 more points doesn't really hurt however, I can think of better uses for my skills.

PvP you probably would max this. Probably a good idea to max it for aitan arena as well.
That's just my perspective, as someone that tends to eat multiple meteors as soon as the arena begins...

Cleric Guide Cle-23Penance
Skill Rating: S
MUST HAVE SKILL - Recommended Points: 1+

Increases heal amount of casts with 1s or more.

This affects cure, revelation, corona, and sermon. I think for one point, this is a cookie-from-heaven skill.

20% + 3% more for 2 points doesn't seem like much, but considering it's all free bonus healing, I would say it's very worth it, and our class seems to revolve around healing and support.

Find the spare points to put at least one into this. Best two. Funny thing is, this is our second skill named penance...

Cleric Guide Cle-24Divine Sermon
Skill Rating: C(initial impression? subject to change)
Recommended Points: ??

Apparently this spell is a channeled spell. In otherwords you cast it and its effect occurs the entire time you cast it.

It seems pretty situational to me. I can't be sure how the dungeons plan to incorporate this spell. Unfortunately I cannot test this spell either, being only 61 at the moment. How do interrupts work with it I wonder.


From the Aika Wiki
Increase in melee physical attack (PATK)
1 Point in Strength = 2.6 PATK
1 Point in Strength = critical rating +0.25

Agility, DEX
Increase in range physical attack (PATK)
1 Point in Dex = 2.6 PATK
1 Point in Dex = critical rating +0.1
1 Point in Dex = hit rating +0.15
1 Point in Dex = dodge rate +0.1

Intelligence, INT
1 Point in Int = MATk + 3.2
1 Point in Int = Heal Amount +9

Constitution, CON
1 Point in Con = +25 HP Increase in max HP 1:25 / automatic HP recovery / critical resistance
1 Point in Con = +HP recovery(Unknown amount)
1 Point in Con = +Crit Resistance(Unknown amount)

1 Point in Luck = Increase in Max MP(Unknown amount. Seems to scale as you move up?)
1 Point in Luck = Increase in MP recovery(Unknown amount)
1 Point in Luck = Increase in Abnormal Status Resistance

Pdefense and Mdefense (thanks to frznvimes Aika Forums again)
"For every 8 points of defense a character has all incoming attacks will be reduced by 1 point of damage."

+Healing Stats
How Bonus healing affects us Clerics.

Instant Cast Skills receive 30% of our Bonus Healing
1 Second Cast Skills receive 50% of our Bonus Healing
2 Second Cast Skills receive 65% of our Bonus Healing
3 Second Cast Skills receive 80% of our Bonus Healing

Cleric Guide Cle-09Exalt
does not add direct +300 to our heals. It is like the above.

Skill Attack Max
Skill attack max(SAM) affects heals and other skills in a rather special way. Rather than adding a set amount, it simply adds to your maximum potential variable.

For example, you have a SAM + 150 on your gear somewhere.

Your Cure will gain any number between 0 and 150 on its effect, randomly rolled every time.
Same applies to your damage spells.

SAM mount stones does not affect heals.

Cleric Guide AikaEnchantXtalChest-1Magic Attack
In MOST cases, Magic attack adds about a 1 point for 1 point to your heals.

There seems to be a bit of an unexplained variable to this. The Aika Forums mentions about a 95% effectiveness. I personally believe it's something closer to a +-5% RNG(Random Number Generator). Which is probably easier for the aika team to implement.

However, According to FrznVimes;
Cleric Guide MountStoneMount stones, Pran Skills, Relics, and Bless which are magic attack oriented Do Not affect healing.

Cleric Guide Cle-19Critical Heals and Crit Rate
Crit rate is apparently measured in percentage, 1 crit rate being 1% more chance to crit.
This is probably subject to change in the near future, as this is extremely overpowered right now.

Heals crit for around 140-145% it seems, and AB affects that properly in a multiplicative fashion

ie. crit heal = 1.4x normal heal
crit heal + rank1 AB = 1.4 x 1.1 = 1.54x normal heal

Cleric Guide Images[size=155]Threat/hate/aggro[/size]

In this section I will cover threat and some common sense things about party mechanics, as well as a few things that are not commonly known about threat.

I prefer to call this threat over the others(hate and aggro). Aggro is not quite the same as threat as it also has a couple of other meanings. Threat is more specifically the points involved, while having aggro is the actual status of being public enemy #1.

The term "threat" refers to the degree of "threat points" required to gain the attention of a mob(and thereafter receiving the attacks and spells of said mob).

The term"pull" refers to the initial luring of a mob towards the party.

The acronym "CC" is short for crowd control; meaning stuns, (possibly silence or immobilize) polymorphs, sleeps, things along those lines.

The term "Tankadin" is a coined term based on the mix of the word paladin and tank. It refers to the paladin who is main tanking.

Mobs always react and focus their attacks towards the person who has generated the most "threat points" through their actions.

This is why we have paladins. To control threat is their job. They will do this through abilities like provoke, challenge, and also with main force.(tanking is not easy. never take your tank for granted, they are, and will almost always be, the cleric's best friend. The "dual-reliant" relationship between cleric and paladin usually helps paladins and clerics get along better. Make use of it, and your game experience will be a lot better for it.)

However, though a good tank is always a blessing, it does NOT mean you have the right to go all over the place and make the paladin's role a nightmare. Unlike some other classes, which will generate threat only on the mobs that they attack, a cleric's and saint's healing and buffing will generate threat on ALL mobs that have been pulled, and those already in combat.

Clerics should NOT make any actions right after a pull(this exclude the abilities listed at the bottom that do not generate threat). This is akin to suicide, as you will immediately attact and redirect the mobs that are on route to wherever the paladin was moving them, to instead come after you. Allowing the paladin some little time to generate threat is a key to living. As most clerics are well aware of.
If you find your tankadin is taking a dangerously large amount of damage before he can generate any threat at all, consider buffing him with Angelic Armor and Holy Intervention before the pull. Holy Intervention in particular can give you some extra room for heals if it activates as a buff. You might try rejuvenate as well(dangerous and not advised for amateurs).
If all of those are not enough, AA yourself and stand near the tankadin so he can pull them off you when you start healing.(if this ever happens tell your tankadin he is under-geared and requires a larger health pool)

Clerics should idealistically NOT be the one to tank mobs(I say idealistically because occasionally I am forced to tank things in Zant Hell when the off-tank, or main tank is a scrub)

The reason being interrupted heals will mean your healing efficacy will go down. Possibly to the point of where you, or your party will die. Or you might even just get one-shot.

This brings me to another key point.

[size=180]Bad Tanks and Bad or Accidental Pulls[/size]

In the ideal world, a paladin would only pull 1 mob, or at least as few mobs at a time as possible, and he would tank them all, or have a DPS CC(crowd control) a few of them.

However not all tankadins are pros, and you might not always be healing a paladin for main tank.
Threat generation is an art that most paladins have a fairly good handle on. The Aika Team made it generally pretty easy for paladins to generate a lot of threat through provoke thankfully, and they have a number of other useful skills to augment that available to them.

However if they are not spec'd, or not used properly it may end up that you as the cleric will find yourself with 1 or several mobs charging towards you with the intention of splitting you up the middle. And not in the "good way".

If you find yourself in that situation, whether from accidental pull or some sort of incompetence an air pran, or a desperate prayer/aika grace can be your best friend. Angelic Armor is also helpful, but be warned it can generate many threat points so you may just be digging yourself in deeper.(pre-casting it on yourself before pulls is a good idea)

With the abilities that may help you in mind, the actions you should take when that happens are simple. Run to the paladin or main tank.

Don't walk.
Don't crawl.

Paladins are melee types, they excel at close range, if you are far away, they will be next to useless. Get close to them, and hope they have are provoking again soon if they have not already noticed that you have mobs on you.

Also maybe helpful to say "Aggro" or "Help" in party chat. As this will get the attention of the DPS that may CC or even off-tank the mob for you.(hopefully they are paying attention to your status anyways)

If all else fails, and it seems like the party is doomed to fail for lack of any good tanks. Feel free to up and abandon them. We're Clerics. We never have too much trouble finding parties, and you don't have to get along with all the newbs or asshats if you don't want to.

[size=140]Abilities that do not generate threat on casting.[/size]

Aside from the passive skills, these skills do not generate threat.

Cleric Guide Cleric_base_skill_purify[size=175]Purify.[/size]

Cleric Guide Cle-14[size=140]Holy Intervention[/size]----Only as a buff, not as an instant heal.

Holy intervention however does generate threat once it goes off. If you casted it as an instant heal the threat will be yours(ie. mob will want to attack you)

If it goes off after having been casted as a buff for at least 1 second, the threat will go towards whoever was healed by the Holy Intervention.

Mounting---almost totally irrelevant most of the time.

[size =200]Our Gear[/size]

Cleric Gear tends to be a little bit on the weak side for phys. def. and modestly good on mag. def.
As such it is clear that we were never really intended for taking abhorrent amounts of damage.

However it does not mean you should simply focus on mana stats and SAM or +healing.

[size=150]A dead cleric does not heal.[/size]

This is a simple concept. Dead clerics is something all parties, and you yourself need to help in avoiding(unless of enemy nations).

Having an actual HP pool, can mean that you can boost your chances of living when mob aggro gets out of control, from accidents, or Wide Ranging AoE(Area of Effect attacks). Or in the case of PvP we're always the first target, so health may mean surviving long enough to get out of the stun/silence chains.

Since level 50, it is easy and recommended to start adding a health pool, 4k was simply newb health, and 2-3 shots from a diambi meant death. 6k is a minimum for doing Zant hell. At level 55 It was fairly easy to obtain 8.5k health(with brethren's LMA, without it would be aronund 7.8k)

One may wonder, how does one go about adding something as forlorn as HP. Since we've never had to worry about this sort of thing before(unless heavily pvp).

These are the methods that seem to work best in order from easiest to potentially hardest.

-Warrior Buff
-3 set bonus from Uniques(easily purchased off the Auction house)
-Blue text bonus from Unique Gears
-Accessories with HP enchants and bonuses
-HP Enchants, either random gear that was identified with Identify scroll, or from crystals.
-Reinforcing Gear to +4 and above(this scales exponentially, and at +8 and +9 you'll be gaining whole thousands of health and mana if done on chestpiece or helm)
-Premium Mount and/or HP Mount stones

Gear Wise depending on how you wish to work your way through from 50 to 70 and now 71, a gear set can either go a long way, or can go a short way. 56 and 64 gears are not all that bad an option, however they are still inferior to the uniques available in hells and LMW.

--------------Level 50 Buyable Gear sets-------------------
Abyss Set from LMH/LME
I've never had any reason to go after abyss gear. It might "seem" good. But I completely skipped over it. The difference between abyss and holy mana is very large, yet the price difference is small. As well the difference between a well enchanted 48 and Abyss was also very slight.

Cleric Guide 116Holy mana set from zantorian Hell is a brilliantly useful set of gear.

3 of the pieces are extremely easy to obtain, and fairly cheap as well. If you have been saving money by not focusing on gear as you level your way up to 50, you should easily be able to afford the gloves and boots. The helm sometimes can be a bit of a problem.

Cleric Guide 120Oracle set from Lost mines west is also an option, however lack of any HP focus and a heavy focus on mana and mana regen makes it a very vulnerable set. The DoT effect from the 5 set bonus may be something impressive however.

Cleric Guide 935Strife Set from Hold Hell is much rarer and more difficult to acquire, but it is also quite impressive, and has it's appeals with the cure bonuses.

Cleric Guide 1616Honor Set is clearly designed for those who PvP, and it's a good set for just that PvP. Regardless it is also a good option to those who are pve'ing as well if holy mana/strife/56 is just not an option.

--------------Level 55 Buyable Gear sets--------------------
Cleric Guide 1611Black Ghost from Cabin Hell is supposed to be an upgrade on the holy mana set, but to me seemed to be a little less useful for the purposes of grinding and leveling. Bonus int is always welcome as it is a powerfully effective stat.
Regardless 55 vs 50 this receives better bonuses from reinforcement and will probably last longer than holy mana.

Don't really need to go over 55 PvP.

--------------Level 60 Buyable Gear sets--------------------
Cleric Guide 1625Benevolent Forest Set. It's a very very impressive set.
I had intended to skip this set of gear by reinforcnig Holy mana heavily, however with the advent of the new 70 uniques which require these pieces to be materials in the DIY... well we'll see.


--------------Level 70 Buyable Gear sets--------------------
Cleric Guide 1758 Rave, Severe Cold, and Shooting Star Sets.
Recent Release, however it appears that other pieces of gear are required in their making, like 64 superior and Benevolent Forest pieces.

Builds to be added later.


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